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Frontier Airlines Ranked First Among U.S. Carriers in Fuel Efficiency by ICCT Report

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DENVER. Sept. 12, 2019 – Frontier Airlines has been ranked the top U.S. carrier for fuel efficiency in a report released by The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT). Released today, the report cites Frontier’s utilization of A320neo aircraft and seating arrangement as significantly contributing to the airline’s fuel savings in both 2017 and 2018.

“Frontier is America’s Greenest Airline and we’re incredibly proud that the report from the ICCT confirmed that we are number one in fuel efficiency among U.S. carriers,” Barry Biffle, President and CEO of Frontier Airlines said. “Our business has undergone an amazing transformation to reach this level of efficiency and we’re committed to continuing our efforts to be a more sustainable and affordable option for travelers.”

The report states Frontier has a significant lead over the rest of the industry, with second place carriers (a tie between two airlines) burning seven percent more fuel for the same amount of transportation service. The report continues by showing Frontier’s lead in overall domestic fuel efficiency 26% better than the worst performer and up to 15% better than the nation’s largest airlines.

“Frontier’s widespread use of new, more fuel-efficient Airbus A320neo aircraft, along with its operational practices, accounted for its superior efficiency,” stated the U.S. Domestic Airline Fuel Efficiency Ranking, 2017-2018 by ICCT.

Frontier operates over 90 A320 family aircraft and has the largest A320neo fleet in the U.S., delivering the highest level of noise reduction and fuel-efficiency, compared to previous models. The use of these aircraft, Frontier’s seating configuration, weight-saving tactics and baggage process have all contributed to the airline’s fuel savings. Frontier’s neo fleet will continue to grow with over 170 neo aircraft on order.

Information on Frontier’s journey to becoming America’s Greenest Airline is available at FlyGreener.com.

The ICCT’s report titled U.S. Domestic Airline Fuel Efficiency Ranking, 2017-2018 is available here: www.theicct.org/publications/us-domestic-airline-fuel-efficiency-ranking-2017-18.

About Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines is committed to delivering ‘Low Fares Done Right’ to over 100 cities in the United States, Canada, Dominican Republic and Mexico on 400 daily flights. Headquartered in Denver, Frontier Airlines is the proud recipient of the Federal Aviation Administration’s 2018 Diamond Award for maintenance excellence and was named the industry’s most fuel-efficient airline by The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) as a result of superior technology and operational efficiencies.

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